My name’s James Long, although I’m far better known by my cybernym Skateside. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Sit yourself down, may I take your coat? Would you like a drink?

I’m a front-end coder (although having read Nicholas Zakas’ recent writings, I feel like I should call myself a mid-level software engineer with a preference for JavaScript). I love JavaScript and CSS and although I’m familiar with some libraries, I prefer to use the “vanilla” versions when I can.

As a client-side guy, I have a strong belief in semantic HTML using as few nodes as possible, clean and easily-maintained CSS and efficient, reusable JavaScript. I practice what I preach when I work and I’m happy to teach my collegues some of my skills to raise their abilities.

My knowledge isn’t limited to front-end code. I’m proficient in PHP and MySQL. I’ve dabbled with MsSQL and flirted with C++ and Scheme.

This blog is my personal space to write about any useful technique or style that I’ve found and a way to pass on some of my skills to a wider audience. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Unless I say otherwise, any code that I post is free to be taken and used for anything. You can even make money off it if you like.

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