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S – S : 10am – 8pm

“ Oh my goodness!
THAT is a tasty burger

— John Burgerlover, Burger Gourmet since 1990


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Finally, cheeseburgers are incapable of telling lies or hurting you.
On the flip side, they can still Rick Roll you.

Classic menu




  • A classic burger
  • A drink
  • A dessert
  • An extra (except wings)

Full House menu




  • A classic burger
  • A drink
  • A dessert
  • Three extra

Buddy menu



/ 2 persons

  • Two classic burger
  • Two drink
  • Two dessert
  • Two extra

Our mojo

What we do
is what we love

Whether it’s a wedding, business lunch or graduation party, the food truck and catering will fulfill your distinct event needs with excitement and creativity.

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